Workout Range Under £2.50

While going to the gym or for a run isn’t the most glamorous pursuit, wearing a little make-up can make it feel a little less like a chore. The key is to go for subtle make-up that won’t block your pores or streak down your face as you’re giving exercise everything you’ve got.

The new PS…Workout range from Primark is brilliant. All the bargain formulas are in subtle, wearable shades that won’t budge no matter how strenuous the workout. The 11-piece collection is sweat-proof and waterproof that won’t run, so no blotches or mascara in your eyes. The range include Mattifying Powder, £2, Foundation Stick, £2.50, Liquid Lipstick, £2, and Waterproof Eyeliners, £1.

The sweat-resistant powder is ideal, as it stops shine, and there’s a great Lip Balm, £1, with sPF50 for outdoor workouts.


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