Trust Us, This Is Brilliant!

My Trusty is a range that comes with so many reasons to buy it. Firstly, it’s fantastic quality at great prices, which makes it a value, bargain buy. Secondly, the profits from each purchase go straight into the NHS, which is a pretty good cause, we think.

The range includes Sunflower Body Lotion, £6, Hand Cream, £4, Body Butter, £9, and Face and Body Oil, £9 (Tesco and Superdrug), and each product has been used for many years by doctors to treat patients’ skin on the NHS. The range was created in a clinical environment within the NHS, so it’s safe to use on everyone – even babies over eight weeks old. It’s brilliant, we’ve tried it, and we love it. You really can’t go wrong with any of these products – they do exactly what they’re meant to do with little fuss or fanfare. Exactly what we like.

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