Top US Skincare Now In The UK

CeraVe is a fast-selling skincare brand in the US that’s now available to buy here – and it’s well worth trying. The no-frills brand takes skin protection seriously, but for a fraction of the price of many dermatologist-led brands.

It works primarily to strengthen and boost the skin’s natural barrier system, locking in moisture and hydration and keeping out the bad stuff, such as pollution, which causes ageing.

There’s a whole range of products from hand care to cleansers, and all are under £15 (Boots). We get the feeling with this brand that we’re paying just for the lotions and potions and the expertise involved in creating them, rather than for any fancy packaging or huge marketing schemes. Our favourites from the range are Foaming Facial Cleanser, £9, Moisturising Lotion, £9, and Eye Repair Cream, £11.

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