The Ultimate Hair Cleanser

Pollution is a buzzword in beauty right now, with the impact of the grimy environment around us becoming clearer.

And it’s not just skin that can suffer from the effects of pollution. If you leave hair two or three days between washes, dirt, grime and hair products can build and make it lank and dull.

Charles Worthington’s new Radiance Restore Charcoal range gives hair a fantastic deep cleanse, removing all residue and leaving it brighter, bouncier and shinier.

The range includes Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner and Environmental Protection Mist, £6.99 each (Boots), and each product works to strip away all the nasty stuff so hair is ready to style. It works similarly to charcoal face masks, which cling on to deep-down dirt and leave your face squeaky clean.

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