The Ultimate Detoxifying Collection

Detoxifying skin, hair and body means – put simply – getting shot of all the bad stuff to make room for the good stuff, which looks and feels better.

We’re loving the new bargain Dr Organic Charcoal range of skincare, which helps to get rid of impurities such as dirt, pollution and unwanted oils, like giving skin a good clear-out of anything that’s built up over summer. And all for well under a tenner.

The charcoal is harvested from oak trees grown in sustainable forests, so it’s all good stuff, all free from any chemical nasties.

Our favourites from the range are the Detoxifying Face Wash, £5.99, Cleansing Face Scrub, £6.49, and Purifying Body Wash, £5.49 (Holland and Barrett). Skin feels cleaner, looks brighter, absorbing skincare products more effectively and providing a more even base for make-up.

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