The Self-Tan Saviour!

We’re probably all slapping on self-tan these days, hoping our bluey-tinged winter skin starts to look all healthy and glowing. But everyone – without exception – has a self-tan accident at some point, and while it may same minor, it can have pretty difficult consequences. Like not being able to wear a skirt for a week. Or having to wear a jumper when it’s 80 degrees outside until the strange patchiness wears off.

This cute bottle from Sunkissed could be a big help. Exfoliating Tan Remover, £3.99 ( has already gone down a storm in Home Bargains stores, selling out after rave reviews on Twitter. It can be used in various ways … the fruit AHA complex gently removes fake tan mistakes. But we often want to reapply straight away, so it also smoothes and evens the skin so tan can be applied straight on without worrying about creating another mistake. Keep this one handy, it’ll definitely come in useful over the next few months.

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