New Nail Shades For £3.99

Look at this glorious nail polish – it’s the perfect shade of bluey-purple with a hint of metallic, and a fab new brush style to apply it with.

This is Moroccan Night, one of seven new shades from GOSH, which are available from February 11, for the great price of £3.99 (Superdrug). In the wider world, it may not be important, but for those of us who love nail polishes, getting the shades and the brush just right is a big deal.

The new, bigger brush in this bottle means you can apply polish with one or two sweeps of the brush, and it gets right into the corners, so you’re not left with any overspill, which you then spend the day trying to pick off.

Other shades include Pretty Ballerina, a perfect springtime pink, Sea Foam, a greeny-blue which works perfectly on toes, and Apple Bloom, the palest of mint greens. The shades are lovely, and importantly, they stay on without chipping for at least two days – with touch-ups you can get the best part of a week from your manicure. A bargain, if ever we saw one.

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