Get It Wrapped Up …

Today, if you didn’t already know – and chances are, you didn’t – is National Regifting Day. That means it’s a chance to redistribute, let’s say, gifts that aren’t terribly suitable for you.

What a great idea – but in order to get away with it, the gift has to be nicely wrapped and look like you’ve put some time and effort in. An ideal way to carry the regifting idea through is to wrap the gift in one of Lush’s Knot Wraps, from £3.75 ( Based on the ancient Japanese tradition of Furoshiki (the art of wrapping in fabric), it’s a waste-free alternative to wrapping paper.

The Knot Wraps come in all sorts of different designs, all using vintage materials, organic cotton or Greenspun, a fabric manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. And they can be worn as colourful hair ties afterwards!

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