Cut-Price Scents

We’re not fussy about our scents – if it smells good, and bear in mind every fragrance smells differently on everyone, then it’s a winner. Which is why we’re really impressed with Lidl’s range of perfumes.

Their new fragrance collection is their largest to date and starts at £4.99  bottle. There are eight scents for women and four aftershaves for men, and they look good, smell good, and last for hours. What more do you need from a scent?!

Choose from the likes Aura Angelica, with musky, woody notes, Aura De Esplendor, and Aura Unicke, a citrus floral with mandarin, orange and papaya. For men, fragrances include Essence Dark Blue, with floral notes, Essence Victory, a fruity fragrance, and Essence Aqua Fresh, a light scent inspired by sun and the sea.




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