Cheaper Than … Falsies

If your lashes are good, then chances are the rest of you will look pretty fab as well. Long, healthy lashes are what make our eyes look bright, wide and youthful, and if they’re sparse, short or not in great condition, even the best mascara in the world won’t make them look amazing.

But constant use of false lashes can play havoc with the natural ones underneath, so we’re always looking for ways to boost our natural lashes and just top them up with mascara.

This new Lash Sensational Boosting Serum from Maybelline, £14.99 (Superdrug) promises thicker, fuller looking lashes in just four weeks of daily use, with a 90 per cent overall improvement on lashes.

It’s definitely cheaper than buying loads of pairs of false lashes, and cheaper than trying out dozens of mascaras to try to get the full look, so we reckon it’s worth a try to help get those lashes fluttering!

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