A Short Cut To Clear Skin

We tend to think that we need all sorts of expensive lotions and potions to clear skin – trust us, you don’t. Blackheads aren’t exclusive to teenagers, as they’re blocked pores that can happen at any age – self-tan is a big culprit for this.

And we know we don’t pick or squeeze blackheads – don’t we?! – so the most effective way of achieving clear skin is to get a great scrub that will get deep into the pores and give them a good clean.

We love this Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser, currently £2.65 (Superdrug) which uses tiny exfoliators to loosen dirt, grime and make-up and starts to clean skin after just one use. It’s non-drying, but remember to always use moisturiser after cleansing, even if skin is oily or blemish-prone, as it helps to balance out the skin’s natural oils and prevent it from over-producing sebum and blocking pores again.

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